Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Next year

It has been made official, I will not have a contract to teach at St. Al's for 2012-2013. (At least I don't as of now, that could change if enrollment changes.) Of course I am bummed about it, but I kinda saw it coming all along. The public schools will be going back to half day 4K, so we would get less students from that. It is a last hired, first fired situation. I will be the first one to get a call should enrollment change over the summer. However, I am not going to wait until August to find out if I have a teaching job for next year!
I have slowly been looking and applying to a few that accept online applications. I haven't been able to make myself sit down and fill out applications that need to be mailed. I know that I should start now because I have a feeling that summer will be busier. I will once again be doing summer school for the 4 year olds and Sylvan at night. I also have a student that I am tutoring and am pretty sure that will be continuing during the summer.
Nothing extremely interesting has been happening, just thought I would share my news for next school year. I am staying positive and am really not going to stress about anything until September.
City wide rummage in a few weeks, so that might bring an interesting post :) We will have to wait and see!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to read this. I wish you better days ahead.